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Kitty Tube The Gen 3 Outdoor Insulated Cat House w/Custom Pet Pillow


The Kitty Tube Gen. 3 – Fully insulated outdoor cat house with custom pet pillow The Kitty Tube includes an awning with gasket over the main door opening with a clear removable flap door. - A vent cap on the lid to remove moisture laden air that causes condensation. -A Scratch Guard and moisture resistant interior surface that won't harbor mold, mildew, bacteria, or cat spray/urine. -A vapor barrier interior to reduce condensation. -Awnings over the top handle/ventilation holes so they can be left open in the rain/snow. -A slightly elevated bottom with a drainage system. -Easy to remove insulation that will lay flat for easier cleaning. The Kitty Tube has a removable top lid, is seamless in construction and is environmentally friendly due to the post consumer recycled content. The one piece construction provides a smooth interior which is easily cleaned with a simple spray of the garden hose. The dome lid keeps your pet dry in even the heaviest of rains and with the included machine washable custom pet pillow, the Kitty Tube will provide your pet a safe, secure and dry home. The geometric shape resists wind and is naturally preferred by cats. The Kitty Tube provides a safe, economical and maintenance free shelter for your pet. Designed for outdoor use, The Kitty Tube is fully insulated to be cool in the summer and ultra warm in the winter. The unique one door design provides easy passage for your cat but will not allow predators like dogs or coyotes to get to your cat. The Kitty Tube also creates a safe and secure haven for your cat to give birth. All Kitty Tube items returned in UNUSED condition, within the 30 day return period, will have a restocking fee of 20% of purchase price. All Kitty Tube items returned in USED condition, within the 30 day return period, will have a restocking fee of 30% of purchase price. Kitty Tube DOES NOT accept returns beyond 30 days of purchase.


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