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White Tissue Ream 15" X 20" - 960 Sheets


Our white tissue ream sheets are great gift quality paper. Perfect for breakage protection when packing, for a craft, or as a gift bag stuffing! Made from gift quality paper, these tissue reams are made to be lightweight, yet durable to protect your items! Great Multiple Uses Gift Wrapping, Clothing Shipments, Mailer Stuffing and Lots More! Whether you are giving a gift in a nice paper bag, shipping a shirt t a customer, or need some easy to use paper to protect your mailer package, this paper is the go - to! Includes 960 Sheets Crumples Easily Gift Quality Great for Shipments Read more Multiple Uses, One Great Product! Whether you're a teacher of toddlers, or a shipping manager of a clothing company, these paper reams may be the product for you! Read more


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