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oimaster Laptop Cooler with Adjustable Stand, USB Laptop Cross-Flow Cooling Fan Pad & Phone Cooling Holder


Color: Updated Version a Oimaster is an innovative trusted brand that provides cost effective products and original designs Features: Innovative Laptop Cooler with Stand -- It’s a laptop cooler, usb desktop fan and also a tablet & phone holder due to the flexible& concealed stand.You can power the cooler via USB port of USB charger, laptop, computer, mobile power bank. Plug and play, easy to use. Exclusive Design -- The laptop cooling fan is designed with a cross-flow fan and powered via USB cable. Save as much space on your desk with vertical and horizontal standing mode. This powerful turbine fan laptop cooler has a black body with silver frame color, elegant and slim. Specification: Material: Aluminum (Cross flow fan) , Plastic (Housing) Fan Type: Cross flow Fan Fan RPM: 2100-2900 RPM Noise Level: 30-40 dBA Voltage Rating: 5V, USB Powered Power Core Type: USB Cable Application: Laptop ,Tablet ,Smart phone, Users Package Include: Oimaster CrossFlow Fan Cooler x1 USB Power Cable x1 User's Manual x1

  • Colors:
  • Blue
  • Extended Stand
  • Redcoolingball
  • Updated Version B
  • Updated Version a

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