Resell Items (New*)

We are what we are because of you, our customers. Bazebo has over the last 3 years delivered a compelling value proposition by offering cross border online shopping with an average turnaround time of about 14 days.

The Opportunity

There’s a massive need for items on the market which presents a big opportunity for you. With Bazebo, you can now position yourself to be a solution to the need.


Through Reseller, we can buy/import items with Bazebo and list them for same day delivery to Uganda. Bazebo will source, ship clear, warehouse and list your item on for same day delivery. For this operation, we have invested in one of the biggest fulfillment centers in East Africa: a massive warehouse in Luzira.

How Reseller works

Product purchased in bazebo (if you don’t need it urgently or anymore, we shall find for you the next buyer)

You can order all the quantities of specific big brand names and list them on for same day delivery once they arrive in the country. You simply tap the Resell button on your ordered items page.Arrived/ delivered product

Start your online retail business journey today

1. Tap Resell button. Never mind the state of your product. Refurbished, used or new, someone needs it.

2. Simply add the price you want your item to cost and submit.

3. Resell commission from bazebo will reflect upon submission

4. You can either call the Bazebo team to pick the item/s or deliver to the warehouse in Luzira for inspection and proper labeling.

5. Bazebo will inspect and have all the details of your products added to your account and properly indicated on for the next buyer.

That’s it! Your products will then list for same day delivery on in the next 4 hours for the next buyer You will be notified every time the item is viewed, purchased or added to cart Once your item is purchased, your funds will reflect on your wallet and can be liquidated in the next 24 hours